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@Telenet having iPhone 4 press conference… in 2011.

It’s been +8 months now that Mobistar launched the iPhone4 in their stores, and now -all of a sudden- Telenet is having this press conference tomorrow morning; most likely announcing that they are going to sell the phone (probably in some combo pack w their isp/tv/mobile services) and this when everyone knows that the next iPhone is only a matter of weeks away...

Ok, it’s cool that they are finally becoming a retailer of the thing, but they don’t need a press conference. Just make some posters and put it in an email. People will know it. Imagine Carrefour having a conference for everything they start selling… journalists would have to press-partycrash 48/7, spending their life eating toasts and drinking bubbles while watching fancy slideshows.

Clue: think twice when organizing a press conference, journalists tend to skip your next one, exactly the one where you were about to say something that really mattered.